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KONKANVERTER is an Online Script Conversion Utility for Konkani Language, conceived and developed by World Institute of Konkani Language, World Konkani Centre, Mangalore.


KONKANVERTER converts Konkani Text written in one script to another, adhering the orthographic practices of output script. It uses a Software Programme specially developed for the purpose. The Input Text should be UNICODE font.

The project intends to provide the input and output functionality for Konkani Language in Five Scripts, i.e., Devanagari, Roman, Kannada, Malayalam and Perso-Arabic. Perso-Arabic script has not been included in the current beta version. It will be added in due course of time.

In this beta version KONKANVERTER can convert any Konkani Text from:

Devanagari to Kannada Script
Devanagari to Roman Script
Devanagari to Malayalam Script

Kannada Script to Devanagari
Kannada Script to Roman Script
Kannada Script to Malayalam Script

Malayalam Script to Devanagari
Malayalam Script to Kannada Script
Malayalam Script to Roman Script

Roman Script to Devanagari
Roman Script to Kannada Script
Roman Script to Malayalam Script


For many Historical and Socio-Cultural reasons, Konkani people have been using five different scripts (Devanagari, Romi, Kannada, Malayalam and Perso-Arabic) to write in Konkani Language. Due to this Konkani Literature has been divided into several script groups and not intelligible in entirety to every Konkani person. This situation has become an obstacle to a free-flow of Konkani literature from one region to another and has created a rift between script communities in some domains like teaching Konkani in school and selection for awards etc. Only a few works were transliterated manually so far, due to the painstaking and time consuming nature of the task.

Inspired by VISION TVM of T.V.Mohandas Pai to bring together Konkani Speaking Communities by resolving conflicts, World Konkani Centre worked on this issue through technology and embarked on the project to develop an AUTOMATIC SCRIPT CONVERTER a couple of years ago.

KONKANVERTER is result of this project. The Project Team is headed by Gurudath Bantwalkar, Asst. Director WIKL, with Konkani Language Experts such as Poet Melwyn Rodrigues, Gokuldas Prabhu, Dr. Tanaji Halarnkar, Dr. Rocky Miranda, Damodar Ghanekar and Technical Experts such as Hariprasad Nadig of Sampada.net as advisors. Vinodh Rajan, a Language Technology Expert from Chennai (virtualvinodh.com) contributed substantially in time and efforts in developing the software programme. The project has lined up development of several language technology initiatives which will help the growth of Konkani Language Content on the web, based on the concept of multi script interactivity.


  1. KONKANVERTER will help Konkani writers reach out to a readership base almost four times larger than the present one.
  2. Konkani Language knowledge base will be accessible to the people across script groups. Knowledge can flow easily between the scripts unhindered.
  3. The adapted applications of the above software can be immense. It can be made functional in every website of Konkani Language. It can be also used for offline purposes such as publishing. The Konkani Literature in the form of E – books with such conversion facility will benefit from wide reach and readership.
  4. Some of the original lexical and dialectical forms of Konkani might unearth to the benefits of the community as whole, which otherwise hidden in watertight compartment like situation between communities divided by the script.
  5. Research Scholars will benefit as now they will not be handicapped because of many scripts. Presently the handicap is leading to limitations in the scope of quality of research.
  6. There will be no hurdles in reading the text, enjoying and appreciating literature, enriching one’s vocabulary, analyzing language, comprehending dialect variations and ultimate standardization of the Konkani language.


  1. KONKANVERTER is NOT a Translation Utility. It does not TRANSLATE from one language to another. It just changes the text from one script to another.
  2. KONKANVERTER DO NOT change the dialect of Input text. For Example, if you want to convert Mangalorean Catholic Konkani Dialect Text written in Kannada Script to Devanagari Script, The Konkanverter will convert only the script, but your text will still be in Mangalroean Catholic Dialect of Konkani.
  3. KONKANVERTER is NOT a Grammar Checker and it DOESN’T correct the grammatical mistakes of the Input Text.


Louis Barap represents the Konkani writing style in Kannada script used by Mangalorean Catholic Community, evolved over past 100 years. It is named after Louis Mascarenhas, the pioneer publisher in Konkani who started the first ever Konkani Periodical “Konknni Dirvem” from Mangalore in 1912.
Banglekar Barap represents the Konkani writing style in Kannada Script used by other Konkani Speaking communities in the coastal districts of Karnataka. It is named after the pioneer writer in that style Banglekar Narayan Kamath from Mulki, who wrote “Geethamrutha Sakhi” which was first presented in 1908.

I tried Copy-Pasting a text in the input window of KONKANVERTER, but it get pasted as some junk characters. What is the problem?

KONKANVERTER works with UNICODE characters. If you are working with ASCII or ANSI text, you need to convert the text to UNICODE before working with KONKANVERTER. You can convert your TEXT to UNICODE in the converter provided by the Language Software you are using.
You can learn more about UNICODE in this link.

How to convert Nudi Font to Unicode?

Nudi fonts can be converted to UNICODE using the ASCII to UNICODE Converter at the following site. http://aravindavk.github.com/ascii2unicode/ once it is converted unicode, you can easily convert it to any other Script using KONKANVERTER.


12 comments on “FAQs
  1. Akshay Vernekar says:

    Great work!!! I hope it helps lot of people.

  2. Unnati Mandrekar says:

    कोंकणीच्या मळा वयलो सगल्यांत उत्कृश्ट असो वावर. सगल्या कोंकणीमोगींक परबीं.

  3. Mrs.Josephine F.Goveas says:

    In my opinion these exercises will be futile as long as Mangaloreans and Goans (particularly Christians) feel ashamed to talk freely in Konkani among themselves and each other.However I appreciate the effort and hope it will be a success.

  4. Monty Doctor says:

    Congratulations, you have done a good job.
    At Mangalore most of the typists type in Noodi script. As Noodi is not Unicode it is not possible to transliterate.

    1. Can somebody tell me how to convert Noodi to Unicode?
    2. Any typist in Mangalore, who can type Kannada/Konkani in Unicode?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Dilip Kamath says:

    Great step in standardizing content, promoting the language and improving the reach. I also learnt about Louis barap from the site.

    Congratulations! to all at World Institute of Konkani Language, World Konkani Centre, Mangalore. Thank you for all that you do.


    Congratulating who done it posible. You had done a Bhagiratha’S JOB. THANKS.

  7. vasant bhagwant sawant says:

    this will build a bridge amoung us for prosperity of konkani.

  8. marcos gonsalves says:

    Ek utkruxtt ani tokhnnayek patr tharpi yotn. Hanv tor, konknni mollar kranti ghoddoupi yotn oxem mhonnin. Porbim.

  9. Teotonio R de Souza says:

    This is certainly a great step forward in joining Konkani speaking communities worldwide by sharing the common cultural heritage.

  10. Dr. Reginald Van Vranken says:

    I want to know when Perso-Arabic Script will be added in Konkanverter??

  11. Silviano Barbosa says:

    Wonderful! This is exactly what I always wanted. Now I can create my works in Devnagari script which I always wanted.
    Dev borem korum soglea Konkannivadi vavurpeank! Ek moladik ani folladik Konknni rochna!

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